Neuropsychological Assessment

A neuropsychological assessment is a comprehensive investigation of a child’s thinking skills, as well as their behaviour, social and emotional functioning.  It provides a detailed picture of a child’s strengths and challenges, and helps to identify any underlying causes.

This information is then used to provide individualised recommendations and strategies for the child, including how to help them learn best at school.

The assessment process:

  1. Initial assessment interview with one or both parents to find out more about the child’s history and current presentation.
  2. Two to four assessment appointments with the child (number of appointments required varies)
  3. Feedback appointment with one or both parents (and child, where appropriate) to discuss assessment results, any diagnosis that has been made and recommendations.
  4. Finally, a comprehensive report is provided to parents.  This includes the child’s results and any diagnostic information if relevant, as well as practical strategies and recommendations.  Additional reports can also be provided to the school and/or other health professionals.