Fees and rebates:

Assessment interview with parents (50 minutes) $220
Assessment of child (50 minutes) – 2 to 4 appointments required $220
Feedback appointment (50 minutes) – discussion of results and planning $220
Preparation of comprehensive report (includes scoring, interpretation, documentation review and liaison with school)

Preparation of NDIS review reports

Preparation of brief letters or further documentation


$220-440 (depending on length)

$100 – 250 (depending on length)

Children and young people can be referred by parents, teachers or health professionals.  Please discuss the referral with your treating doctor to determine whether your child may be able to access funding for their assessment.

Please note that neuropsychology assessments are not able to be claimed under a Mental Health Care Plan.

If you would like to refer your child, please complete the referral form under the ‘Contact’ tab.