Dr Marnie Cumner

Dr Marnie Cumner is a Clinical Neuropsychologist on The Sunshine Coast, with specialised training in understanding how brain function affects a child’s thinking, emotions and behaviour.

Paediatric Neuropsychology is a professional speciality, which focuses on understanding how the development of a child’s brain relates to their cognitive (thinking), behavioural, social and emotional functioning.

Marnie provides assessment and diagnostic services for children and teens.  She investigates thinking skills, such as, memory, attention, language and problem-solving, as well as social and emotional functioning, academic performance and behaviour regulation.

Marnie offers tailored recommendations for improved learning, behaviour and emotion regulation, based on a child’s strengths and challenges.  She uses a strengths-based model, which focuses on using a child’s strengths to minimise their difficulties.

Marnie receives referrals from parents and teachers, as well as medical and allied health professionals.